Joseph Cole

After 21 years of active service in the Navy, Joseph Cole has enjoyed retirement with his wife, Marijo. They met in Virginia in 1995, right around the time of his retirement. Marijo said that it was love at first sight and that she was “drawn to his beautiful eyes and smile.”

After getting married in 1998, the couple moved back home to the Louisville area and years later ended up in Clarksville, Indiana. There, Joseph worked at Clarksville Collision for years and now is enjoying full retirement. He and Marijo enjoy spending time with his kids and riding his motorcycle.

Joseph’s days of carefree retirement came to an end after suffering a transient ischemic attack, or TIA. He was admitted to the hospital after a close examination. His physicians believe the stroke was COIVD-19 related as he dealt was the virus earlier that winter. Understanding that his condition would require continued recovery, he started looking for a rehabilitation facility. He heard of Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital through a close friend. With his friend’s trusted recommendation, Joseph was quickly admitted and started his therapy program

Working through his recovery with a smile on his face, Joseph never lost his great attitude. Marijo was by his side every step of the way. She would often bless the staff with food, cookies, and decorative wreaths to hang throughout the hospital. When asked what staff members stood out the most, Joseph began making notes. After filling two pages with names, he said, “That is not enough, everyone here is an awesome angel.”

“Don’t let anyone steal your joy.” This was the saying that Joseph stood by throughout his recovery. He is thankful to the whole SIRH staff for their support and care. He and his wife feel they have made friends for life and look forward to visiting in the future. He will continue his recovery with the belief that “Everything that you do is all about the attitude you take into it.”