Skylar Greenwood

Only 17 years old, Skylar Greenwood’s life dramatically changed when she was involved in a high-speed motor vehicle accident. To get help, Skylar had to crawl up an embankment – an impressive feat considering how significantly injured she was. Skylar sustained multiple traumatic injuries in the accident.

Keith Hillerich

Resting at home one evening, Keith Hillerich noticed he “didn’t feel quite right.” Then, his wearable cardioverter defibrillator (WCD) alarmed. Keith experienced a life-threatening episode of sustained rapid heart rate. This episode caused Keith’s heart to stop.

Charles Nance

An active, young, working gentleman, Charles Nance was involved in a horrific car accident that changed his life significantly. Charles suffered spinal cord injuries to his C3 and C4 in the accident and required a discectomy. Unfortunately for Charles, that was only the beginning of his struggles.

Amanda Hochstetler

As a married mother in her mid-thirties, Amanda Hochstetler lived a busy but healthy and rewarding life. Then one day, Amanda’s life changed dramatically when she had a seizure while driving. Following the accident, doctors diagnosed Amanda with epilepsy.

Jinny Vaughn

While cleaning her windows one afternoon, Jinny began to experience upper back pain, chest pain, and extreme weakness in her arms. Once her chest pain improved, her arm weakness worsened to the point of being unable to care for herself. After three days, Jinny went to the Baptist Health Floyd emergency room for further testing.

Scott Voyles

Against his wife’s judgment, Scott thought a bath would be a good idea, even though his legs had begun feeling weak. Fortunately, he agreed to leave the door open so she could check on him. At one point, she noticed that Scott was only using his left hand — despite Scott being right-handed. Bringing this to his attention, Scott realized he couldn’t feel his right arm and was quickly losing feeling in his right leg, too. His son helped him out of the tub, and they called an ambulance.

Logan Stirsman

Logan Stirsman seemed to be a typical twenty-something. He worked a full-time job in HVAC and enjoyed playing video games and spending time with his loved ones. Then, one July night, Logan had to be rushed to the emergency room.

Ray Gambrel

One summer day, Ray began experiencing horrible abdominal pain. He tried to wait it out, thinking he had food poisoning. But the pain worsened, and a neighbor friend took him to Audubon Hospital. There, tests provided a diagnosis. Ray didn’t have food poisoning but rather a perforated viscus, or tear of the colon.

Tammy Cadle

Ten years ago, Tammy Cadle almost died. Getting ready for work, Tammy had just finished taking a shower. “As soon as I lifted my leg out of the shower, I felt a pain go through my chest, through my body, that was like nothing I had ever felt,” she recalled. “I felt a strangling feeling in my through and such a sense of dread.”

Karen Adkins

“My life has been changed forever,” Karen shared. “I have come too far to ever go back to the bad decisions I made in the past. It meant a lot when my surgeon told me how proud he was of the progress I’ve made.”