Rebecca Ramos

Rebecca Ramos, a small business owner and young mother, knew that something wasn’t quite right. She first noticed when her hip started to hurt on a hike with her husband. Not too long after that, she began feeling symptoms of a sinus infection with bouts of vertigo. Within a few months, Rebecca went from high energy to feeling weak after completing simple tasks. She would have to sit down after picking up her son’s toys and started dropping his bowl while feeding him. The weakness progressed to a point where she had to hold onto the wall to get down the hallway in her house.

Three days before Christmas, the weakness overcame Rebecca and she fell down a set of stairs. The fall led to a trip to the emergency room. In her condition, she required a walker to get into the building and needed help getting into bed. While in the ER, Rebecca’s physicians determined that her hip collapsed and admitted her to the hospital. There, they ran some tests to determine the source of her weakness.

After ten days in the hospital and multiple tests, Rebecca was diagnosed with sensory ganglionopathy. This is a condition where the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks and damages certain parts of the autonomic nervous system. Her physicians believed that her immune system attacked the nerves in her body as a result of the sinus infection.

Before her diagnosis, Rebecca maintained an active lifestyle. She enjoyed traveling and doing outdoor activities like hiking. She put a lot of passion and time into running her small business. After her son was born, she decided to adjust her time working so she could spend more time at home. With all this in mind, Rebecca knew that continued care would help her get back to the lifestyle that she loved.

Rebecca’s mother recommended Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital and explained that “it is the place to go.” Rebecca decided to begin therapy with the outpatient department. When she first started, Rebecca couldn’t hold herself up and depended on her husband to complete daily tasks. She was also limited on what she could do for her son.

Eager to see some progress, Rebecca worked hard with both her physical and occupational therapists. She can now stand on her own and says she has seen “significant improvement in her strength.” She can now actively take part in her son’s life again like dressing him, changing diapers, feeding him, and watching him by herself.

Rebecca explained, “The encouragement from my therapists at SIRH, especially Jessica, Krista, Jennifer T., and Jennifer F., was very important to my recovery.”

Success for Rebecca means being able to make progress in her therapy, even little steps. “It’s crazy how much being here helps and how I’m able to do so much more now.”

Rebecca has made adjustments to how she runs her business due to her condition and is happy to be working again. As a world traveler, she looks forward to visiting some new and old places with her husband. She has been to Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, and many places in the United States. She looks forward to sharing her love of travel with her son once she is walking again.