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Amanda Hochstetler

As a married mother in her mid-thirties, Amanda Hochstetler lived a busy but healthy and rewarding life. Then one day, Amanda’s life changed dramatically when she had a seizure while driving. Following the accident, doctors diagnosed Amanda with epilepsy.

Scott Voyles

Against his wife’s judgment, Scott thought a bath would be a good idea, even though his legs had begun feeling weak. Fortunately, he agreed to leave the door open so she could check on him. At one point, she noticed that Scott was only using his left hand — despite Scott being right-handed. Bringing this to his attention, Scott realized he couldn’t feel his right arm and was quickly losing feeling in his right leg, too. His son helped him out of the tub, and they called an ambulance.

Karen Adkins

“My life has been changed forever,” Karen shared. “I have come too far to ever go back to the bad decisions I made in the past. It meant a lot when my surgeon told me how proud he was of the progress I’ve made.”

Conner Davis

Conner Davis was having a pretty good day for a young man of 21. He had taken the day off work from his construction job to take his girlfriend to a doctor’s appointment. Sitting in the parking lot waiting for his girlfriend, Conner began to feel hungry. Then the headache started. By the time his girlfriend returned to the car, Conner’s headache was so bad he felt like he would throw up.

Karen Ricci

Karen Ricci remembers the morning of her stroke. Like so many of us, she woke up tired and lay in bed contemplating the day ahead. Karen even debated going to her volunteer appointment.

Jackie Fosnot

When she arrived at SIRH, Jackie’s therapists evaluated her for the EksoNR exoskeleton. They determined Jackie was a good fit because the exoskeleton helps retrain the brain to use the muscles in a correct walking pattern. Jackie has been using the EksoNR in her therapy for the last two months and sees a tremendous improvement in her pain and range of motion

Tony Dewitt

Upon working with Tony, his therapists determined he may benefit from working with the EksoNR robotic exoskeleton. The EksoNR helps patients stand, work on balance, and most importantly, begin taking steps when they may not feel steady enough to do so on their own.

Christopher Herron

Christopher Herron lost function in his right arm and leg after suffering three back-to-back strokes. After working through inpatient and outpatient therapy, he is now walking again.

William Barrow

William Barrow came to SIRH paralyzed on his right side. After working through inpatient and outpatient therapy, he went from being in a wheelchair to barely using his cane to walk.

Joseph Cole

Joseph Cole was enjoying retired life with his family when he suffered a stroke. With SIRH staff and his wife there to support him, Joseph worked through recovery with a smile on his face.