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Skylar Greenwood

Only 17 years old, Skylar Greenwood’s life dramatically changed when she was involved in a high-speed motor vehicle accident. To get help, Skylar had to crawl up an embankment – an impressive feat considering how significantly injured she was. Skylar sustained multiple traumatic injuries in the accident.

Charles Nance

An active, young, working gentleman, Charles Nance was involved in a horrific car accident that changed his life significantly. Charles suffered spinal cord injuries to his C3 and C4 in the accident and required a discectomy. Unfortunately for Charles, that was only the beginning of his struggles.

Jinny Vaughn

While cleaning her windows one afternoon, Jinny began to experience upper back pain, chest pain, and extreme weakness in her arms. Once her chest pain improved, her arm weakness worsened to the point of being unable to care for herself. After three days, Jinny went to the Baptist Health Floyd emergency room for further testing.

Susan Ellenbrand

When Susan Ellenbrand arrived for an appointment with her neurosurgeon, Dr. John Serak, she wasn’t herself. Susan’s arms and legs were completely numb, and she couldn’t walk. Dr. Serak sent her straight to Baptist Floyd Hospital for a thorough exam. A CT scan showed that Susan had a compressed spinal cord.

Jon Tucker

After suffering spinal cord injury, Jon tucker was left unable to walk or use his hands.

Rachel Corbett

After Rachel Corbett started working from home, she began experiencing increased neck pain. Her condition made it difficult to concentrate so she reached out to her primary care provider. An MRI showed a bulging disc on the left side of her neck. With no luck relieving the pain with injections or anti-inflammatories, her PCP suggested a technique called dry needling