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Mark Sanders

“I can’t breathe. I need help.”

Those words, uttered by Mark Sanders to his daughter, marked the beginning of his long battle with COVID-19.

Kenneth Mayberry

An active healthy young man, Kenneth Mayberry suddenly developed a fever of 106 and was rushed to the ER. There he was diagnosed with COVID-19 among other things.

Steven Horn

Steven Horn spent over 100 days in the hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and Pneumonia. With the help of SIRH, he can now celebrate a birthday that he never thought he would see.

Rodger Kearney

Rodger Kearney lived an active lifestyle staying busy working two jobs. His routine came to a halt when his oxygen saturation read 80%. He was diagnosed with COVID-19, diabetes, and pneumonia.

Phyllis Ellis chose Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital to help her recover from the effects of COVID-19

Phyllis Ellis

When she arrived at SIRH, Phyllis could only use her hands and move her toes. Her main focus was to walk again, though she doubted if it was possible.