William Shaw

After spending Christmas Eve with his family, William Shaw began to feel ill. Concerned, he went right to the hospital where he was admitted. The following day on Christmas he suffered a stroke; his second in 20 years. He spent several days in the hospital and was discharged.

William knew he wanted to be transferred to Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital. He was previously a patient at SIRH when recovering from his first stroke. “I knew I would get help here,” he explained. When he first arrived, he stayed in the inpatient hospital until he was strong enough to be discharged home. William then continued his recovery with the outpatient therapy department.

In outpatient therapy, William worked with his physical, occupational, and speech therapists to improve in all areas. He completed exercises like push-ups, riding the stationary bike, and the leg press. Before beginning occupational therapy, William couldn’t even make a fist. He focused on strengthening his fingers by completing tasks like placing lids on jars, opening packages, and even screwing in nuts and bolts. He also worked on strengthening his facial muscles to improve his speech.

“My speech therapists, Jennifer and Rayna, have really helped me a lot. Everyone here is so nice. They want you to get better. I enjoy coming here and look forward to it. I know I’m going to get better and have fun,” William explained.

While recovering, William’s biggest motivator has been his family. His wife said that she sees a real difference since he started therapy at SIRH. His five grandchildren have helped in his journey as well. William can’t wait to be able to play with them again and get back to doing their favorite activities. As he continues to progress, he looks forward to being an “average person again.”