Rodger Kearney

Before being diagnosed with COVID-19, Rodger Kearney enjoyed an active lifestyle. He kept busy working two jobs at an auto dealership and a golf course. His routine was quickly interrupted one day when his oxygen saturation read 80%. His daughter, a respiratory therapist, knew he needed immediate help. Scared, he told his daughter, “I don’t think I’m going to make it.” She quickly got him to the hospital. There, he was diagnosed not only with COVID-19, but also with pneumonia and diabetes.

After a 14-day stay at the hospital, Rodger was ready to move into the next phase of recovery. He relied on his close family members to help him choose a facility. Relatives of his previously worked at Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital. Because of this connection, he knew he could trust their great reputation for helping patients improve. Now closer to home, he began his 12-day stay at SIRH with a goal to “get back to what he was doing.”

At the start of his therapy, Rodger’s endurance only allowed him to circle the inpatient gym once, equaling about 60 feet of walking. Determined to improve, he kept at it, making continual progress. When it came time to discharge, Rodger didn’t want to be home-bound. He chose to continue his recovery with the outpatient therapy department at SIRH.

The additional therapy has resulted in tremendous progress for Rodger. He is currently able to walk around the therapy gym five times in one session. In addition to strengthening his endurance, Rodger’s therapist made sure to address specific movements he would face at work. They practiced things like getting in and out of a car utilizing the facility’s replica automobile.

Rodger appreciated the staff taking the time to understand his activities before his diagnosis. He looks forward to going back to work and feels SIRH has helped him prepare for a successful return to his independent lifestyle.