Phyllis Ellis chose Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital to help her recover from the effects of COVID-19

Phyllis Ellis

Like many individuals, Phyllis Ellis faced significant physical debilitation after a bout with COVID-19. Prior to her four-week hospitalization, Phyllis lived independently. “I never had to depend on anyone,” she said. To address her extreme generalized weakness, Phyllis admitted to Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital for inpatient rehabilitation.

Determining where she would recover from COVID-19 was an easy choice for Phyllis. Her family had a wonderful experience at SIRH in the past. Phyllis’s step-mother, who was in her nineties at the time, recovered from hip surgery at SIRH. “They were so kind to her,” Phyllis recalled. At the time, Phyllis had to advocate for her step-mother’s transfer to SIRH. “The hospital tried to send her to the nursing home,” she added. But Phyllis knew that SIRH had “aggressive therapy that she wouldn’t get if she went to the nursing home.” Phyllis knew that SIRH was the place for her, just like her step-mother.

When she arrived at SIRH, Phyllis could only use her hands and move her toes. She lost a total of 52 pounds during her battle with COVID-19, including a lot of muscle and strength. Her main focus was to walk again, though she doubted if it was possible. “At the [other] hospital, they didn’t think I’d make it,” she noted. But through hard work and consistent therapy at SIRH, Phyllis gradually gained back her strength as she worked toward regaining her independence.

Motivated by her family, who her Phyllis through the recovery process, Phyllis worked hard at SIRH. With the help of “many wonderful therapists and nurses” — including Reed, Matthew, Amber, Susan, Mary Beth, Josh, Savannah, and Stephanie — she slowly regained her ability to walk. As she progressed in the acute care unit, Phyllis transferred to the subacute unit at SIRH where she required less therapy. Before long, Phyllis discharged home, continuing to work on her recovery through the outpatient department at SIRH.