Pat Kelton

Several years ago, Pat Kelton was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD. Pat’s condition caused shortness of breath that made everyday tasks exhausting. Because of the extra exertion she needed to apply each day, she was left wanting only to rest.

The nurse that conducted a pulmonary function test at Pat’s local hospital recommended the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital. Pat started the program with the goal to get stronger and improve her endurance.

Pat has been working with SIRH for three years now and has entered the maintenance phase. This phase is designed to help her maintain her strength and improve her endurance while also addressing pulmonary functions. Pat uses an individualized exercise program that her therapists have developed for her. “It’s nice to have a facility to come to for an hour. It helps with my mental state as well as my rehab state.”

Through a combination of self-determination and help from her therapists, Pat has been able to make great progress. Her endurance has improved and she feels that exercising is easier. “I can see improvement and therapy helps a lot,” she shared. Pat hasn’t let COPD define her life and continues to work hard in therapy to live each day to the fullest.