Linda Spears

Linda Spears loves her dogs. As a devoted pet owner, she enjoys taking them to agility training where she competed regularly in tournaments. She also has them involved with AKC Scent Work training. This is similar to the work that detection dogs carry out to locate narcotics and explosives. When they aren’t training, Linda tends to her other pet owner responsibilities like grooming.


During a normal grooming routine, Linda was lifting one of her three dogs onto the grooming table and injured her shoulder. The next day she couldn’t move it. She had hoped her shoulder would heal on its own, but after a month and a half, she decided to see an orthopedic surgeon. They recommended therapy instead of surgery due to inflammation.


There was no question where Linda wanted to rehabilitate her shoulder. A few years prior, Linda experienced the care and attention of the Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital first hand. She had injured her knee while competing in an agility tournament and required a knee replacement. She was admitted into inpatient stay and then transitioned over to the outpatient therapy department. Because of her successful recovery, Linda knew that SIRH was the best choice for shoulder therapy.


This time around, Linda’s goal was to be able to groom her dogs on her own. With the support of her therapists, she was able to maintain her determination for the best results. “Jennifer and Kaitlyn are phenomenal. I will miss seeing them,” said Linda.


Linda has worked hard and gained full range of motion back in her shoulder. This allowed her to start grooming again and get back to her active lifestyle with her three dogs.