Jon Tucker

In January 2011, Corporal Jon Tucker was working full-time at the New Albany Police Department. Jon was living a full life when he suffered a spinal cord injury during a training exercise. The injury left Jon unable to walk or use his hands. “I couldn’t even open a sugar packet,” he recalled.

In need of extensive therapy, Jon chose Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital to be close to home, family, and friends. His goals were to be able to play with his kids, work around the house, and go back to work. At SIRH, he underwent aggressive physical and occupational therapy. Jon’s therapists helped him relearn to dress, bathe, and walk. After a few weeks, Jon returned home, able to walk again. Jon continued his recovery with outpatient therapy. By April of that year, he returned to desk work, and that July, Jon returned to full duty.

Eight years later, Jon underwent knee replacements and again needed therapy. Choosing SIRH again was an easy decision. Jon even got to work with the same outpatient therapist, Gerianne. “I hate therapy anywhere else,” Jon said. “It feels like a waste of time. But at SIRH, I feel like I am accomplishing something.”

After completing his therapy, Jon again returned to full duty as a New Albany Police Officer.