Jim Castleman

Jim Castleman, a retired maintenance worker, likes to spend time on his hobbies. He has been going to the same lake house since the early 90s where he likes to get out on the water to fish. He also likes to play a round of golf when he can. Living with Parkinson’s disease, he managed his symptoms with medication until he started to experience major side effects.

After suffering several seizures and hallucinations, Jim was admitted to Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital. He spent four days as an inpatient and was discharged home after seeing some progress. He continued his recovery with the SIRH outpatient therapy department.

While in outpatient therapy, Jim participated in the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG programs. These specially designed programs utilize an intense protocol to deliver positive results for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

In the LOUD program, Jim worked with his speech therapists on speaking louder, controlling the volume of his speech, and projecting his voice. His physical therapists helped him through the BIG program focusing on balance and mobility. His occupational therapist helped him increase his fine motor skills, like using his fingers. He was particularly eager to work on this skill so he could once again bait his fishing lines.

“The therapists make you feel good about your accomplishments and they encourage you which makes you work harder”, Jim explained.

Since starting therapy, Jim has seen tremendous progress. He initially had difficulty going up and downstairs but now, he explained, “I can do that no problem, therapy has really helped!” Along with his caregiver, Jim credits all three Jens and Krista for his success in the SIRH outpatient therapy program.

As he continues to progress, Jim is most excited to be able to drive again. He is looking forward to getting back to Patoka Lake where he is planning on fishing a lot!