Jackie Fosnot

Jackie Fosnot expected to spend a day or two in the hospital after delivering her baby. Never did she anticipate the extended hospitalization she wound up experiencing.

After giving birth, Jackie had a stroke and an intracerebral hemorrhage. An extended hospital stay ensued, and Jackie made progress with inpatient therapy but began to experience severe back pain. Jackie, who works as a nurse at Jewish Hospital, knew she needed aggressive therapy to relieve the pain and chose the outpatient therapy program at Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital (SIRH).

When she arrived at SIRH, Jackie’s therapists evaluated her for the EksoNR exoskeleton. They determined Jackie was a good fit because the exoskeleton helps retrain the brain to use the muscles in a correct walking pattern. Jackie has been using the EksoNR in her therapy for the last two months and sees a tremendous improvement in her pain and range of motion.

“The EksoNR helps my posture, helps me feel stable, and assists me in taking the amount of steps needed for strengthening my body,” Jackie shared.

“My therapists told me to ‘walk like a model,’ so that’s what I do,” she added with a laugh.

Today, Jackie only needs a cane for walking assistance. She’s enjoying feeling better as she gets on with life and cares for her four children.