Harvey Ragland

Harvey Ragland has battled with numerous health issues in his life. These include polio in his leg, a heart condition, and twenty years ago, a stroke. That stroke is what first brought him to Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital for outpatient therapy. Most recently, Harvey came to SIRH for outpatient therapy because of inflammation around his heart and overall weakness.

“I grew up in the southern Indiana area and had a trucking business, so I have always known about SIRH and the care they provide,” Harvey said. “I’ve been coming here for therapy for 20 years, ever since I had a stroke in 2000.” Whenever Harvey found himself in need of rehabilitation, he called on SIRH.

For Harvey, it’s the aquatic therapy that has been the most helpful. “Melissa Foster and the aquatic therapy has been a lifesaver,” he said. “It gets me to be active when at home, I’m inactive. It helps my leg move easier and gives me pressure relief throughout my whole body.”

Unfortunately, regular classes are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But Harvey will be back as soon as they resume. “I can’t wait for our weekly classes to start back. I would never miss one!”

“For anyone who wants to know if aquatic therapy in the pool works, it most definitely does! It makes me feel great,” Harvey shared emphatically. “I was going backward in my health before I started aquatic therapy.”

Success for Harvey means getting his strength back, feeling good, and getting back to his wife of 33 years and the home they built in 2009. “I look forward to enjoying my time at home with family, feeling better, enjoying the holidays, and getting back into the pool for outpatient therapy!”