Gavin Jackson

Gavin Jackson, age 13, is an avid baseball player. This past winter, he started experiencing excruciating pain in his right shoulder every time he threw a baseball. Since Gavin didn’t feel pain with other activities, his parents thought it was all sports-related. They took Gavin to an orthopedist for an evaluation and discovered the growth plate in his shoulder had not closed yet. This is what caused the pain and trouble throwing. They determined that he didn’t need surgery but suggested physical therapy to alleviate the pain. This would help him to strengthen his shoulder and the muscles around it.

As a successful baseball coach Gavin’s father, Brian, knew where he wanted his son to go for physical therapy. Brian is friends with the director of rehabilitation services at Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital. He knew that Gavin would receive great care throughout the whole recovery process at SIRH.

Gavin and his parents chose to complete his outpatient therapy at the SIRH River Ridge location. As his lead physical therapist, Jessica H. developed an individualized therapy program for Gavin’s recovery. His parents appreciated that she understood that he is a 13-year-old and not an adult. They felt Jessica did her due diligence and explained, “She took her time and got him healed up good. We like her a lot and are very big fans.”

Before starting his physical therapy, Gavin had pain when lifting weights and throwing a baseball. During therapy, he had to stop these activities, allowing his shoulder to heal. It was a process that took over four months, but his parents are grateful that they chose SIRH. They are also thankful that they got to work with Jessica because she made sure he healed correctly.

The whole process helped Gavin realize how important it is to use good techniques when exercising. Brian said Jessica was awesome because she worked with Gavin to make sure he understood everything he was doing. “I would recommend Jessica for anyone that has an injury that requires physical therapy,” Brian said. Gavin completed therapy and is doing well. He looks forward to getting back to what he loves, playing defense and pitching a baseball again.