Chad Hunter

As a result of a stroke, Chad lost a lot of his strength and the ability to speak clearly. His physician recommended Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital for his recovery. He was glad he followed his physician’s recommendation, as the staff and therapists at SIRH “became my life.”

When he started therapy at SIRH, Chad’s goals were to regain his speech so that he could go back to his job as a minister and to regain the independence he had lost due to his decreased strength and loss of speech.

Chad said his therapists, Rebecca and Amanda, became more like friends.  They pushed him to try his hardest and they challenged him to go just a little bit further each time he was at therapy. They helped him use what he had learned as an athlete, that “overall mindset” to not give in, no matter what, and to push through the hard times. Chad had played basketball for Indiana State from 1999 to 2001. His experience as an athlete, along with his faith, would help him successfully navigate therapy and the hurdles of overcoming the effects of a stroke.

At the time of his stroke, Chad was pastoring a church. He felt his faith and desire to get back to minister to his congregation were primary factors in his success and played a key role in his recovery process. But his loss of speech from the stroke made it difficult for him. It was a roadblock to getting back to his job. Chad wanted to be able to preach his sermons again. He longed to get back to a “normal life” and regain his independence.

Through hard work and dedication to therapy at SIRH, Chad has resumed leading sermons for his church and is heading towards a more “normal life.”