Brandon Taylor

Since 2006, Brandon Taylor has worked at the Sportsdrome Speedway. Thirteen years into his career, Brandon was involved in a tragic accident when one of the cars struck him during a race. Though his injuries were not life-threatening, he suffered a horrible leg injury in the accident, known as a closed bicondylar fracture of the right tibial plateau. As a result, he spent the next several years in physical therapy.

Initially, Brandon underwent two surgeries for the injury. The first surgery left him in an external fixator for three weeks. He then went through an open reduction and internal fixator surgery. Twelve weeks later, Brandon was sent to another facility for physical therapy through worker’s compensation.

For weeks, Brandon saw little improvement before being recommended to try aquatic therapy. After hearing about the aquatic therapy program at Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, Brandon worked to get into the program to regain his mobility.

Unfortunately for Brandon, his recovery hasn’t been without setbacks. About 15 months after the injury, Brandon required another surgery to remove the internal hardware and debridement. Then, almost three years into his recovery, Brandon had a fall at home, resulting in another surgery and a knee immobilizer.

Despite it all, Brandon remained optimistic about a full recovery.

Brandon is thankful to so many people. Dr. Craig Roberts performed his first two surgeries and handled his referral for therapy. His employers, UPS and The Sportsdrome, have been patient and helpful through this trying time. He also wanted to ensure that all the outpatient therapists at SIRH know he considers them a second family, with special mention of Andrea Ammerman, PT, DPT, and Melissa Foster, CPT, who have been key to his successful physical and aquatic therapies.

And of course, the most important person, and the driving force in his recovery, has been his wife, Jennifer.

Brandon’s journey is over yet. He has a fifth surgery — a total knee replacement — scheduled for September. After that, Brandon plans to rehab at SIRH for as long as he needs therapy and recommends SIRH to everyone. He can’t wait for the day he can get around without an assistive device, but Brandon will miss the two to three days a week he spends with his SIRH family.