Gail Prather

After a weekend hiking trip with her family, Gail could barley walk. She was diagnosed with a stress fracture in her right tibia just below her knee. Her orthopedist recommended physical therapy.

Becki Rucker

Becki Rucker led an independent life dedicated to her work and family. Her life was turned upside down when she suffered a stroke. She was left with slurred speech and weakness on the whole right side of her body.

Bethany Foco

After suffering a lacunar infarct, sometimes called a “mini-stroke,” Bethany was left with expressive aphasia. Her condition made it hard to communicate what she was thinking.

Cathy Blackwell

One January day, Cathy and her husband were out in their pole barn when she fell. “I hit my head hard, but didn’t think anything about the injury,” Cathy said. But over the next several hours, she began to experience dizziness, headaches, and shoulder pain.

Ruth Ann Bandy chose SIRH for stroke rehab

Ruth Ann Bandy

Before suffering a stroke, Ruth Ann Bandy lived an active and busy life. The stroke affected Ruth Ann’s mobility in her right arm and leg, as well as her speech.

Phyllis Ellis chose Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital to help her recover from the effects of COVID-19

Phyllis Ellis

When she arrived at SIRH, Phyllis could only use her hands and move her toes. Her main focus was to walk again, though she doubted if it was possible.

Chad Hunter

As a result of a stroke, Chad lost a lot of his strength and the ability to speak clearly. His physician recommended Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital for his recovery. He was glad he followed his physician’s recommendation, as the staff and therapists at SIRH “became my life.”

Harvey Ragland

Harvey Ragland has battled with numerous health issues in his life. These include polio in his leg, a heart condition, and twenty years ago, a stroke. That stroke is what first brought him to Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital for outpatient therapy.