Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital Now Offering Additional Medical Rehabilitation Beds and Private Patient Rooms

Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital is pleased to announce that it now offers additional beds and private patient rooms for medical rehabilitation.

Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital Now Offers Stroke Survivors Cutting-Edge Robotic Exoskeleton Technology to Mobilize Patients Earlier

Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital announced today that it has enhanced its rehabilitation program and will now offer the EksoNR™ robotic exoskeleton.

Tony Dewitt

Upon working with Tony, his therapists determined he may benefit from working with the EksoNR robotic exoskeleton. The EksoNR helps patients stand, work on balance, and most importantly, begin taking steps when they may not feel steady enough to do so on their own.

Gavin Jackson

Gavin Jackson came to SIRH for outpatient therapy after discovering his shoulder growth plate wasn’t completely closed. He completed therapy and looks forward to playing baseball again.

Christopher Herron

Christopher Herron lost function in his right arm and leg after suffering three back-to-back strokes. After working through inpatient and outpatient therapy, he is now walking again.

William Barrow

William Barrow came to SIRH paralyzed on his right side. After working through inpatient and outpatient therapy, he went from being in a wheelchair to barely using his cane to walk.

Tristan Blake

Before his injury, Tristan Blake enjoyed spending time with his three-year-old daughter. Aside from doing fun activities with her, he liked to work on vehicles and go fishing. Working in construction comes with its risks, but Tristan never imagined an accident like this would happen to him.

Jon Tucker

After suffering spinal cord injury, Jon tucker was left unable to walk or use his hands.

Jim Castleman

Jim Castleman was managing his symptoms from Parkinson’s disease with medication. When he started experiencing severe side effects, he came to SIRH for help.

Kenneth Mayberry

An active healthy young man, Kenneth Mayberry suddenly developed a fever of 106 and was rushed to the ER. There he was diagnosed with COVID-19 among other things.