Karen Adkins

“My life has been changed forever,” Karen shared. “I have come too far to ever go back to the bad decisions I made in the past. It meant a lot when my surgeon told me how proud he was of the progress I’ve made.”

Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital Earns Three-Year CARF Accreditation

Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, a medical rehabilitation hospital located in New Albany, has been recognized by CARF International, a nonprofit accreditor of health and human service programs. The hospital received a three-year accreditation from CARF for three of its programs.

Brandon Taylor

Since 2006, Brandon Taylor has worked at the Sportsdrome Speedway. Thirteen years into his career, Brandon was involved in a tragic accident when one of the cars struck him during a race. Though his injuries were not life-threatening, he suffered a horrible leg injury in the accident, known as a closed bicondylar fracture of the right tibial plateau. As a result, he spent the next several years in physical therapy.

Vibra Healthcare Welcomes Jill Bosa as CEO of Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

Vibra Healthcare is excited to announce Jill Bosa, MHA, OTR, as the chief executive officer of Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, a Vibra Healthcare medical rehabilitation hospital located in New Albany.

Conner Davis

Conner Davis was having a pretty good day for a young man of 21. He had taken the day off work from his construction job to take his girlfriend to a doctor’s appointment. Sitting in the parking lot waiting for his girlfriend, Conner began to feel hungry. Then the headache started. By the time his girlfriend returned to the car, Conner’s headache was so bad he felt like he would throw up.

Karen Ricci

Karen Ricci remembers the morning of her stroke. Like so many of us, she woke up tired and lay in bed contemplating the day ahead. Karen even debated going to her volunteer appointment.

Susan Ellenbrand

When Susan Ellenbrand arrived for an appointment with her neurosurgeon, Dr. John Serak, she wasn’t herself. Susan’s arms and legs were completely numb, and she couldn’t walk. Dr. Serak sent her straight to Baptist Floyd Hospital for a thorough exam. A CT scan showed that Susan had a compressed spinal cord.

David R.

While working at his house one day, David’s knee gave out. He fell backward and landed on concrete, breaking his left femur and sustaining a unilateral hip fracture.

Jackie Fosnot

When she arrived at SIRH, Jackie’s therapists evaluated her for the EksoNR exoskeleton. They determined Jackie was a good fit because the exoskeleton helps retrain the brain to use the muscles in a correct walking pattern. Jackie has been using the EksoNR in her therapy for the last two months and sees a tremendous improvement in her pain and range of motion

Mark Sanders

“I can’t breathe. I need help.”

Those words, uttered by Mark Sanders to his daughter, marked the beginning of his long battle with COVID-19.