Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital Enhances Patient Care with Onsite Hemodialysis and Cutting-Edge Technology

NEW ALBANY, Ind., May 10, 2023 – Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, a medical rehabilitation hospital in New Albany, has made a significant investment in expanding its onsite dialysis services. The hospital has introduced the Tablo® Hemodialysis System by Outset Medical to improve care for patients requiring hemodialysis treatment during their rehab stay.

The hospital’s CEO, Jill Bosa, emphasized that the growing need for dialysis among patients referred to Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital inspired the hospital to develop an onsite hemodialysis program with the Tablo system.

“We wanted a solution that would help us put patient experience first,” said Bosa. “And with Tablo, we are able to offer an enhanced experience and a fully onsite hemodialysis program for our patients.”

Chronic kidney disease affects over 15% of adults in the U.S., and patients require dialysis or a kidney transplant if the disease progresses to kidney failure. Dialysis is administered multiple times per week over several hours, which can be a costly and time-consuming burden.

In the U.S., nearly 85 million dialysis treatments are performed resulting in more than $70 billion spent each year, accounting for nearly 7% of Medicare’s budget on only 1% of enrollees. However, with new care models and technology like Tablo, patient care can be improved while reducing the overall cost and resources needed for treatment.

Bosa stressed that the efficiency of dialysis services is particularly critical in rehabilitation settings. “People come to Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital to focus on recovery and participate in intensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy sessions. With the convenience and flexibility of our new dialysis program, we can really help our patients put their rehab goals first and make the progress needed to return home.”

The Tablo system is an all-in-one solution that features real-time water purification and dialysate production on demand in a compact, portable unit. Tablo is revolutionizing hemodialysis, making treatment possible in more care settings, including homes.

The Tablo system is known for offering a better and gentler treatment experience. Outset Medical’s patient experience studies have found reports of fewer headaches, less cramping, improved energy, and a quieter, more pleasant treatment overall. Additionally, Tablo offers a streamlined experience for clinicians with its innovative platform, portability, and advanced clinical reporting and safety features.

Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital is delighted to provide an enhanced patient experience with the help of the Tablo system. “It’s a win-win solution that delivers improved patient care and a better experience for both patients and clinicians. This was an investment that I’m proud of for the hospital and our program growth, but most importantly, a significant investment in our patients.”


About Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital is a 40-bed medical rehabilitation hospital located in New Albany that offers a specialized treatment option for individuals recovering from or living with debilitating injuries, illnesses, and chronic medical conditions. The hospital’s team of rehabilitation experts takes time to get to know patients and then develops treatment programs specific to each individual’s recovery goals, abilities, and needs. Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital has been accredited by The Joint Commission and is accredited by CARF International for the following services and specialty programs: Inpatient Rehabilitation (Adults), Brain Injury Specialty Program (Adults), and Stroke Specialty Program (Adults). For additional information about Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, please visit

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