William Barrow

William Barrow came to SIRH paralyzed on his right side. After working through inpatient and outpatient therapy, he went from being in a wheelchair to barely using his cane to walk.

Tristan Blake

Before his injury, Tristan Blake enjoyed spending time with his three-year-old daughter. Aside from doing fun activities with her, he liked to work on vehicles and go fishing. Working in construction comes with its risks, but Tristan never imagined an accident like this would happen to him.

Jon Tucker

After suffering spinal cord injury, Jon tucker was left unable to walk or use his hands.

Jim Castleman

Jim Castleman was managing his symptoms from Parkinson’s disease with medication. When he started experiencing severe side effects, he came to SIRH for help.

Kenneth Mayberry

An active healthy young man, Kenneth Mayberry suddenly developed a fever of 106 and was rushed to the ER. There he was diagnosed with COVID-19 among other things.

Rachel Corbett

After Rachel Corbett started working from home, she began experiencing increased neck pain. Her condition made it difficult to concentrate so she reached out to her primary care provider. An MRI showed a bulging disc on the left side of her neck. With no luck relieving the pain with injections or anti-inflammatories, her PCP suggested a technique called dry needling

Rebecca Ramos

Rebecca Ramos knew something was wrong when she started having trouble completing simple tasks. Diagnosed with sensory anglionopathy, she began outpatient therapy with SIRH to get back to the lifestyle she loved.

Joseph Cole

Joseph Cole was enjoying retired life with his family when he suffered a stroke. With SIRH staff and his wife there to support him, Joseph worked through recovery with a smile on his face.

Steven Horn

Steven Horn spent over 100 days in the hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and Pneumonia. With the help of SIRH, he can now celebrate a birthday that he never thought he would see.

Keisha Heil

Any movement made Keisha Heil sick after suffering a left field cut stroke. She came to SIRH to get back to her active lifestyle with her young children and husband.