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Celebrating patient success at Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital!

At Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, we believe in the transformative power of personalized care and rehabilitation. Our patient success stories highlight the remarkable journeys of individuals who have overcome significant illness or injury with the support of our dedicated team. These inspiring accounts showcase the resilience of our patients and the comprehensive, compassionate care that defines Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital.

Join us in celebrating these triumphs and discover how our specialized programs and therapies have made a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients.

Logan Stirsman

Logan Stirsman seemed to be a typical twenty-something. He worked a full-time job in HVAC and enjoyed playing video games and spending time with his loved ones. Then, one July night, Logan had to be rushed to the emergency room.

Ray Gambrel

One summer day, Ray began experiencing horrible abdominal pain. He tried to wait it out, thinking he had food poisoning. But the pain worsened, and a neighbor friend took him to Audubon Hospital. There, tests provided a diagnosis. Ray didn't have food poisoning but rather a perforated viscus, or tear of the colon.

Tammy Cadle

Ten years ago, Tammy Cadle almost died. Getting ready for work, Tammy had just finished taking a shower. "As soon as I lifted my leg out of the shower, I felt a pain go through my chest, through my body, that was like nothing I had ever felt," she recalled. "I felt a strangling feeling in my through and such a sense of dread."

Karen Adkins

"My life has been changed forever," Karen shared. "I have come too far to ever go back to the bad decisions I made in the past. It meant a lot when my surgeon told me how proud he was of the progress I've made."

Brandon Taylor

Since 2006, Brandon Taylor has worked at the Sportsdrome Speedway. Thirteen years into his career, Brandon was involved in a tragic accident when one of the cars struck him during a race. Though his injuries were not life-threatening, he suffered a horrible leg injury in the accident, known as a closed bicondylar fracture of the right tibial plateau. As a result, he spent the next several years in physical therapy.

Conner Davis

Conner Davis was having a pretty good day for a young man of 21. He had taken the day off work from his construction job to take his girlfriend to a doctor's appointment. Sitting in the parking lot waiting for his girlfriend, Conner began to feel hungry. Then the headache started. By the time his girlfriend returned to the car, Conner's headache was so bad he felt like he would throw up.